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Interior Investments LLC,. is a team of professionals dedicated to delighting customers by constantly honing our knowledge, skills, systems and expertise with youthful enthusiasm. Add to that our technical competencies and unwavering commitment to doing whatever it takes for you, our client. The end result, we leave a legacy of lasting positive impressions.


In 1994, a small group of upstart furniture fanatics lead by Donald Shannon and Michael Greenberg opened up shop in the far reaches of Chicago's northern suburbs.

Convinced that providing commercial furniture and associated services to the work world should be more than a commoditized experience, they chose instead to look through the lens of an investment model.

Today Interior Investments has grown from its modest beginnings and revenues of a half million dollars to a projection of more than ($120,000,000) one hundred twenty million dollars annually. The organization is virtually debt-free and has solidified itself as one of the most sophisticated and fastest growing contract furniture distributorships in the United States.


Interior Investments seeks out collaboration with architects, designers, real estate professionals and manufacturing leaders who share a common philosophy and business value system.


We embrace the concept of a single team, carefully assigned and exclusively dedicated to each client. This philosophy assures our customers that the team supporting them will understand their culture and values, be aware of their facility history and be sensitive to their objectives, not just for the duration of a project, but for the long haul.


We enjoy our long growing partnership with the Interior Investment partner and see many years of revenue growth and market opportunities in Chicago and the surrouding counties.


You can find our valued partner at


Corporate Facility Solutions Inc., is a full service warehouse, distribution, logistics and planning firm. With national ties to many Fortune 500 firms, CFS provides turnkey services to its miriad of clients locally and nationwide. They perform union carpentry installation services along with long haul transportation and logistics and warehousing. Working closely with the Interior Investments team of service professionals the firms have executed projects for the University of Chicago and other clients for the GCI Group. As a strategic partner the GCI Group is afforded the depth, knowledge and breath of services to execute large projects of any size meeting all local union and regularoty contratual agreements with local and national governing bodies.



Image Is Everything is a high profile image and branding firm created as a subsidiary of the GCI Group. The firm is owned and led by Joshua Johnson.  Its premier offering is directed and dedicated to the entertainment and social media market segments. Focusing on social media trends and market awareness the team of professionals design and develop creative maketing solutions to increase revenues thru advertising media retention via social media capturation and branding of its clients. As part of its social media component the firm's captial investment with Hang With fosters an alignment with its media mogul FACEBOOK and offers clients a platform to broadcast its brand as part of the social media space.  You can check out this GCI Group affilliate at and


The GCI Technology Group is a full service technology firm offering technology products and service solutions to k-12 and higher education entities through its online web store Its products and services are managed and distributed from our national distributor Brooks Distributors at under an distribution agreement. Many top name manufactures are featured and advertised on the GCI Technology Group online web portal like Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Casio, JVC, Motorola, Magnavox, AT&T and Phillips just to name a few. Our new powerful online web portal is currently under development by our global developers slated for launch February 2015. The firm offers an array of 21st century  products to its clients and the consumer market. 


You can check out this partner at


Design Studio Parrtners is a prestigious commecrical and residential design group with over 30 years of planning experience. The team offers professional services to many of the well known architectural and commercial dealers in the Chicago market. As a member of the GCI Group strategic partner team they advise our consultants and clients on planning, design, construction and related areas of work place environments.












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